Self care begins here.

Forget New Year’s resolutions and goals you tell yourself you’ll make time for tomorrow. If you’re ready to stop breaking promises to yourself and start making real, lasting change in your life, I can help you. Starting today.

As a Duke-trained integrative health coach, I can partner with you to improve any of seven aspects tied to wellness—that’s right seven. Because health is about a lot more than just what you eat and how often you hit the gym. It’s also about your personal and professional development, mind-body connection, physical environment, relationships and communication and spirituality.

I take a whole-person approach to improving your well-being as we work on creating a personalized health plan for you. Together, we’ll discover how you can become stronger than your excuses and claim the life you deserve. Click the “contact” link above if you’re interested in working with me to change your life for the better!


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